Why should your shop stock Price Marked Bread?

There are clear advantages to stocking price-marked packs (PMPs). Nearly half of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if a PMP is visible, while 83% of retailers say PMPs sell faster than equivalent non-price-marked packs.

“More than two thirds of consumers buy PMPs in convenience stores. As well as offering good value, they help retailers build a sense of confidence and trust with shoppers as you become known for not being an expensive shop.

“PMPs offer a number of advantages for cash-conscious shoppers and retailers alike. For shoppers, they offer reassurance that they’re not being overcharged, while for retailers, speed of sales and convenience make them a good option.

The positive impact of PMPs has helped sales as customers see them as a real source of value.

Why not give the Bakestone Bread range PMP’s a try. There are 4 loaves in the range and priced at just £1.05 offering the consumer great value.


Bakestone Toastie £1.05
Price marked bread