During Lockdown

People, after we start our “new normal” life I ask that you all remember the local convenience stores that supplied you when you didn’t have to queue for hours outside Tesco, Asda etc. when their shelves were bare. You couldn’t get a home delivery from them either as they didn’t have delivery slots. When in normal times they were offering free delivery or vouchers , but now as they get more organised they start charging you an increase to £7 per delivery!

Typical empty shelves in supermarkets

The small businesses were there to supply and support their local people. Without them our own business supplying to these frontline, mainly family businesses would have been a bigger disaster than ever.

The numerous fruit and veg guys who have started delivering milk, bread etc. plus fresh fruit and vegetables, some even supply pasta! whilst doing deliveries to your doorstep free of charge (minimum order value same as supermarkets deliveries) is really appreciated. Also remember the long queues you had to endure!

This queue went around the corner and filled the car park!

Personally I accept that the major supermarket chains have a better selection with toiletries, pharmacy , post office etc and most people will drift back there when we can go out and carry on our lives, but please do spare a thought for your small local business moving forward. appreciate that they are a little more expensive, but the money does stay in your community. They offer services like paying your electricity bill, lottery tickets and in some cases parcel returns etc. If you only buy a few extra items from them then our wonderful nation of shopkeepers can continue.

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