Wholesale Bakers

Wholesale Bakers

Wholesale Bakers

We are trusted and reputable wholesale bakers based in Greater Manchester, and we are passionate about the production and supply of high quality, nutritious and delicious bread. We can offer our wide range of customers an outstanding selection of bread and baked and confectionery goods. Our customer base exceeds 600, and we are the first choice for a diverse selection of eateries, cafes, hotels, schools and restaurants throughout the North West.

As reputable wholesale bakers we work to the highest possible standards and offer the finest quality customer care. We provide a tailored delivery service that meets the individual needs of our customers. We can deliver daily or as many times a week as our clients require. We take every measure to suit the schedules of our customers and always do our utmost to deliver at the most convenient time for you.

We’re able to deliver products from local bakeries and large, well known manufacturers such as Kingsmill and Hovis. Our own sliced bread range has been developed to deliver the perfect loaf to every dining table. This bread is created from the finest possible ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives. This premier bread has become one of the most popular and easily recognisable products in supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the region and has been manufactured to cater for the premium end of the bread product market.

Alongside these loaves, we offer a selection of barms, baps and oven bottom muffins in brown and white and various sizes. Additionally, we offer our bread in batons, nudgers and finger rolls. You can select from single or round rolls and we can satisfy any order from single rolls to large packs. Our product range also includes mouthwatering hotplate goods including potato cakes and scones. We also cater to the fruit lovers with our traditional fruit teacakes, fruited batch loaf and hot cross buns. With our cakes, muffins, flapjacks, cookies and other sweet products, we can also provide the sweet treats your customers want.

We assure our customers that we supply nothing less than the highest quality bread products and baked goods. We consistently deliver to major establishments 6 days a week and we are renowned for our affordability, punctuality and reliability. We respond swiftly to all customers and we are happy to help with all enquiries regarding our bakery and delivery services.

Why Choose

A range of price marked loaves (PMP) are available

We supply long loaves that can enhance your profit margins

We are based in the North but we can supply to the whole of the UK

Our Happy Customers Bread Lovers


The bread just arrived and is perfectly fresh. Thank you for your excellent and prompt customer service. I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to ordering many more times from your bakery.


Hi, just a short note to tell you how much my family & I just love your products; too many to list here! They are always on our shopping list.


I just wanted to let you know that the bread was really good and it also keeps really well even in the freezer. Thank you so much.