The top 5 bakery Upsells you should stock

Why should you stock these 5 products? To increase choice for your customers whilst in your shop and to upsell on your bakery lines. Upselling is a powerful tool to help you add value for the customer and to increase your profits. Why wouldn’t you want to sell your customers more whilst they are in a buying mood and already in your shop.

When customers come in for a sliced loaf, no matter the brand they pick a loaf and carry on shopping, however if you had on the shelves near the bread some bakery treats then they may well pick them up to try. Thus you have increased your sales and profits.

The top 5 lines that you should be selling

  1. Fruit teacakes
  2. Crumpets
  3. Potato cakes
  4. Pancakes
  5. Wrapped cake


I have listed the best selling lines above and recommend that you carry these lines daily. Customers want to have other options than just sliced bread. Breakfast is always a fave in our house, instead of toast you can have buttered crumpets, or toasted teacakes, perhaps even some potato cakes on your full English breakfast.

Whilst you have customers in your shop willing to spend you shouldn’t waste the opportunity of upselling