Bakery Supply Sunderland

Bakery Supply Sunderland

Bakery Supply Sunderland

If your business sells or uses bread products frequently, you’ll require a trustworthy delivery service. We have a reputation as an honest name for bakery supply Sunderland clients can rely on. Working with us is rewarding and offers many benefits.

At Bakestone we aim to provide high quality assistance to every client. The product range we work with is also immense so we can supply everything you need. In addition, we make sure that we operate systematically to ensure great customer service.


Within our collection, you can find a wide choice of quality sliced bread from first class bakeries including our very own lines. There is a variety of confectionery items, morning goods, and rolls. We offer over 800 bread and baked products. There are multiple packs of burger buns, baps, barms, and small rolls. Also included in our range are seeded and plain bread rolls in a myriad of shapes and sizes.

We serve everyone’s unique tastes and provide an array of hotplate choices. This includes crumpets and potato cakes. There are even separately wrapped sweet goods like cakes, flapjacks, and muffins. Moreover, we have options for those who are on a gluten free diet, including wraps, sandwich thins, a tiger bloomer loaf, and also white rolls.


People don’t just know us for the quality merchandise however. They’re rather fond of our special deals and promotional materials too. Both work to aid our products in appearing more attractive to customers of convenience stores. It’s our job to support businesses in stocking and selling excellent goods.

With baked products especially, you must ensure that you possess a steady supply. You’ll want them to be as fresh as possible when the customers pick them up. Normally, this would mean that company owners would have to make constant trips to suppliers. This requires a lot of effort and money. By opting to work alongside us, you don’t have to go through as much hassle. Whenever you’re in need of supplies, we shall deliver them straight to you.

We understand that independent hotels, retailers, cafés, guest houses, and similar businesses must have cost effective and dependable suppliers who shall support them in their efforts. This is precisely why we offer the services that we do. We’re the perfect choice for supplying the extraordinary, devoted bakery supply Sunderland companies require.

You can discover our full range on our website. If you have any questions or are looking for specific products please contact us.

Why Choose

A range of price marked loaves (PMP) are available

We supply long loaves that can enhance your profit margins

We are based in the North but we can supply to the whole of the UK

Our Happy Customers Bread Lovers


The bread just arrived and is perfectly fresh. Thank you for your excellent and prompt customer service. I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to ordering many more times from your bakery.


Hi, just a short note to tell you how much my family & I just love your products; too many to list here! They are always on our shopping list.


I just wanted to let you know that the bread was really good and it also keeps really well even in the freezer. Thank you so much.